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Welcome to Tsadra Foundation's Rinchen Terdzö Project

Searchable Catalog of the Rinchen Terdzö Chenmo

This website represents a searchable catalog of all texts in the རིན་ཆེན་གཏེར་མཛོད་ཆེན་མོ། and includes full unicode Tibetan texts with metadata. Currently (2016) volumes 1-60 have been updated and we await work on the final ten volumes of the Shechen edition. You can run a detailed search here.

Preface to the Shechen Edition of the Rinchen Terdzö Chenmo

The Rinchen Terdzod Chenmo is the largest of the Five Treasuries that Jamgon Kongtrul the Great ('jam mgon kong sprul blo gros mtha' yas, 1813-1899) compiled throughout his life. This extraordinary collection is comprised of the main Rediscovered Treasures (gter ma) of Tibetan Buddhism and the texts necessary to bestow the related empowerments and explanations to practice them. —Jamyang Khyentse Wangpo traveled for thirteen years throughout Central and Eastern Tibet in order to collect the texts and receive the transmissions for the many lineages that had become almost extinct and held by only a few people. The actual redaction and editing of the Rinchen Terdzod was done by Jamgön Kongtrul at the monastery-hermitage of Dzongsho Deshek Dupa, a secluded mountain retreat located between Dzongsar and Kathok, where Khyentse Wangpo had revealed a set of termas related to the Eight Herukas (grub pa bka' brgyad).— Wooden-blocks were then carved at Palpung Monastery creating a 60-volume edition. From this edition another set of wooden-blocks was carved at Tsurphu Monastery with three additional volumes. These three included the 'dod 'jo'i bum bzang, which was compiled by Minling Terchen Gyurme Dorje (1646-1714) and is considered to be the "seed" of the Rinchen Terdzo, the autobiography of Jamgön Kongtrul, and the root text of Chogyur Lingpa’s Lamrim Yeshey Nyingpo with a detailed commentary by Jamgön Kongtrul.


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