RTZ Development Project[edit]

Phase I[edit]

  • Create Volume Pages and dkar chags
  • Rename all Unicode Tibetan text files
  • Scan Cover Images for all Volumes
  • Upload cover images for all Volumes
  • People Category Pages - Import from DRL or DNZ
    • *Upload all Unicode Tibetan text pages with Bot
    • PDF File upload with text category and volume category
      • Rename all PDF volume folders with volume page name in RTZ Wiki
      • Rename all PDF text files with Text page name in RTZ Wiki
      • Upload Volume PDFs for each volume
      • Full Text Volume Pages - Use bot to compile all unicode Tibetan text for a volume with section headings linking to text pages
      • Automate process of cropping and dividing PDF texts?

Phase II[edit]

  • Review each text page
    • Add cataloging information for each text - Mort
    • Add colophons for each text - Mort
    • Organize display of PDFs, Images, Tsagli, etc.
  • Add details for Tertons
  • Create Outline of whole Terdzod
  • Update Home Page

Phase III[edit]

  • Write essay on the content of the RTZ - Mort
  • Add Multimedia? to the RTZ?
  • Write Info Pages and Disclaimers
  • Create Search Pages for users with Properties
  • Announce Website on:
    • WordPress
    • DNZ link to RTZ
    • H-Buddhism
    • LotsawaForum

Outline of the RTZ Project[edit]

  • Volume Pages (these are essentially tables of contents) - 70 in number
  • Text Pages (containing one text each)
  • People Category Pages - IMPORT FROM TIBETAN PEOPLE IN DRL?? OR DNZ??
  • Consider later about work put into People Pages OR NOT
  • Tibetan text pages for collecting all texts in each volume - 70 in number - USE BOT?
  • Wylie text pages for collecting all texts in each volume - 70 in number
  • Karchag Pages for each volume containing the Tibetan and Wylie - 70 in number
  • Karchag page for searching all Karchags at once
  • Tsagli page to collect all Tsagli? (maybe) ?
  • Help Pages
  • Forms
  • Stubs
  • Templates
  • Properties
  • Special semantic search pages to be created in the future