Rin che gter mdzod Catalogs

Catalogs of printed editions of the RTZ

rin chen gter mdzod kyi bzhugs byang dkar chag dngos grub sgo brgya 'byed pa'i lde'u mig, TBRC W1PD83977- Kongtrul's orginal catalog along with accounts of the lineages of the various terma.

Palpung Edition in 61 Volumes:

Index Volume for Rin chen gter mdzod from Sikkim Namgyal Institute of Tibetology, Gangtok-W1KG14821-TBRC Scan

Todlung Tsurpu edition in 111 Volumes:

  • Richard Barron's Catalog and Outline see Barron, Richard, trans. Kongtrul, Jamgon. 2003. A Gem of Many Colors: The Autobiography of Jamgon Kongtrul. Boston: Snow Lion Publications, pgs 521-526.

Gene Smith's Catalog (DKR's 111 V. redaction based mostly on the Tsurpu edition- in wylie w/ colophons and notes) - http://www.tbrc.org/#!rid=W1KG9255

University of Virginia Catalog (extremely corrupted in terms of spelling mistakes in the wylie, but comprehensive-covering up to V. 108 of DKR's edition)- https://collab.itc.virginia.edu/wiki/tibetantexts/Rin%20Chen%20Gter%20Mdzod%20Cataloging.html

Catalogs of empowerments based on recent transmissions of the RTZ

Penor Rinpoche, March 12 - May 16 2001, Namdroling Monastery, Bylakuppee, Karnataka, India. For the wang list see History of the Rinchen Terdzo pgs 139-212. http://www.tbrc.org/#!rid=W00EGS1017219

Tai Situ XII, Aug 4 - Nov 16 2006, Palpung Sherabling Monastery, Himachal Pradesh, India. For the wang list see Peter Roberts Catalog- a translation of Tai Situ 12's thob yig gsal ba'i sgron me, an account of the RTZ empowerments, Aug 4 - Nov 16, 2006. For the Tibetan see http://www.tbrc.org/#!rid=W1KG854

Namkha Drimed Rinpoche, Dec. 5 2008- March 6 2009, Rigon Thupten Mindroling Monastery, Orissa, India. For the wang list see the following accounts from the Sakyong Foundation. https://s3.amazonaws.com/sakyong-foundation/Rinchen-Terdzo-Empowerment-List.pdf http://www.sakyongfoundation.org/chandragiri/the-great-river-of-blessings/

Yangthang Rinpoche Dec 1 2010- Feb 18, 2011, Orgyen Dorje Den Alameda, California. For the wang list and accounts of the event see http://www.orgyendorjeden.org/rinchen_terdzod.html