Shamarpa, 5th

From Rinchen Terdzö
Fifth Shamarpa Könchok Yenlak

One of the greatest names in the karma kaM tshang tradition.
  • 1538 - Received teachings from dpa' bo 2 gtsug lag 'phreng ba.
  • 1538 - Took rab byung vows from mi bskyod rdo rje.
  • 1539 - Installed at yangs pa can.
  • 1542 - Final monastic ordination.
  • 1542 - Studies with stag lung mkhas mchog ngag dbang grags pa.
  • 1546 - Solitary retreat at tsA ri tra.
  • 1561 - Installs dbang phyug rdo rje at mtshur phu and confers teachings.

His gsung 'bum is about 8 volumes. (Source: BDRC)

Tertön Gyatsa Information from the Rinchen Terdzö

The full Tertön Gyatsa text can be found at the following page: Volume 1 (ཀ), 341-765, 1a1-213a4.

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