RTZ People Pages

Issues related to the RTZ People Pages

  1. The RTZ as a closed system:
    1. Only people involved (as tertons, authors, scribes, etc.) in the RTZ have been given people pages.
    2. The exceptions being early figures (GR, 25 disciples, etc.), which are included as source authors, since they are referenced as emanation basis' and in origin narratives of individual treasure texts, cycles, etc. Also, I've created some very basic pages for important lineage figures such as a couple of the smin gling khri chen, even though they don't have texts in the RTZ.
    3. Only those who have an RTZ page are included in teacher/student fields. (Thus there should be no unused people links. External links for BDRC and TOL are already included for more detailed accounts of these figures beyond there works in the RTZ, so no need to repeat all of the same info found on those sites)
  2. Is it possible for fields (emanation, teacher, student, etc) to be filled automatically?
    1. For example, if I input somebody as having Jigme Lingpa as a teacher, can that person then automatically appear as a student on Jigme Lingpa's page?
    2. We don't have a field for future/subsequent rebirths/emanations, but could we make one that automatically fills from the data that has already been inputted? For example, if I want to have all the emanations of, say, Trisong Deutsen appear on his page, could we do that without having to run a query and then manually input all the names that come up?
  3. What needs to be displayed?
    1. Both Tibetan and Wylie versions of the Gyatsa bios? Maybe one or both of these can be hidden and viewed via an 'expand' tab.
    2. Add "List of Cycles" where they are recorded as the source revealer, in addition to the list of related works.
    3. Since the people page names are already displayed in wylie, you get the wylie version of the names twice in large letters at the top of each page
    4. What do you want to keep of the info that is already there on some pages. see: 'jam mgon kong sprul and mi pham rgya mtsho for examples with a lot of extra info. Another example is TA ra nA tha and Tāranātha, the first one made for his RTZ and the second one that was already created on the Tsadra wiki. Some of these cased I've transferred the info into the new form and removed the old templates. Personally I like the pages to have mostly RTZ related info, and leave the more comprehensive bio pages to sites that are focused on doing this. Would it be possible for pages like this to simply link to the more extensive Tsadra pages? What about if they use the same name? Could there be an RTZ Mipham page as well as a more extensive Tsadra Mipham page?
  4. Images
    1. We should be within fair usage limits according to HAR's guidelines: "Provided the source is cited, personal, educational and non-commercial use (as defined by fair use in US copyright law) is permitted.", though that means we would have to provide a link to their site for each images we use. This seems to be what TOL does, so maybe we should ask Alex G. about this.
    2. I plan to use images we already have, such as line drawings included in this edition of the RTZ (see: Gter bdag gling pa 'gyur med rdo rje)and the Tsagli collections (see: Rat+na gling pa). It might take a bit of time to go through and find them, but we won't have to worry about copyright issues etc. Plus it highlights the contents of the RTZ site that people might not otherwise see.