Karmapa, 2nd

From Rinchen Terdzö
Second Karmapa Karma Pakshi

Important master of the karma kaM tshang tradition; founded a monastery at spungs ri moved to mtshur phu hor rgyal po gor be sent a golden letter inviting him to the palace or 'ur tu according to the bod kyi gal che'i lo rgyus: died at the age of 78. re'u mig gives his date of death as 1261. karma pakShis me sbrul (1257), lcags sprel (1260), lo 'di (1261) gsum la hor yul du grub rtags bstan.

Tertön Gyatsa Information from the Rinchen Terdzö

The full Tertön Gyatsa text can be found at the following page: Volume 1 (ཀ), 341-765, 1a1-213a4.

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