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Collection Title
Collection Title Tibetan
Terton Tibetan
Treasure Cycle
Treasure Cycle Tibetan
RTZ Category
Volume Number
Volume Number Tibetan
Total Number of Volumes
Text Number in the Volume
Page Number
Illustrations Per Page
Individual Illustrations

Creator Tibetan
Author Tibetan
Terton Tibetan
Treasure Cycle
Treasure Cycle Tibetan
Caption Tibetan
Caption Wylie
Associated Text
Illustration Series
Illustration Series Tibetan
Illustration Series Number
Illustration Series Total Number
Illustration Type
Associated Deity

The deity associated with the image or that from which it draws its power.


The purpose of the image or the way it is meant to be utilized or the object which it is meant to be applied to, i.e. protection for the home or worn on one's body or written on a mirror, etc.

Activity (ལས་ las) Which of the four activities (las bzhi) is this related to?
Intended Effect The intended outcome or goal that one wishes to achieve.
Protection From That which one intends to protect against or ward off.
Protection By The source of protection or the agent which protects.
To Increase or Succeed in Qualities which are intended to increased, expanded, induced, or overcome.
Shechen Original Was this image created for the first time to be included in the Shechen Edition of the Rinchen Terdzo?
Illustration Size Size of the original image as it appears in the printed edition of The Beneficial Moon Rays.
Description A brief description of the image.

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